Open Source License

Quarto version 1.3 (and earlier) is licensed under the GNU GPL v2. Quarto version 1.4 is licensed under the MIT License. We believe that it’s better for everyone if the tools used for research and science are free and open. Reproducibility, widespread sharing of knowledge and techniques, and the leveling of the playing field by eliminating cost barriers are but a few of the shared benefits of free software in science.

The Quarto source code is available at

Quarto is a registered trademark of Posit. Please see our trademark policy for guidelines on usage of the Quarto trademark.

Quarto also makes use of several other open-source projects, the distribution of which is subject to their respective licenses. Major components and their licenses include:

Project License
Pandoc GNU GPL v2
Bootstrap 5 MIT
Bootswatch 5 MIT
Deno MIT
esbuild MIT
Dart Sass MIT
Observable Runtime ISC
Typst Apache License 2.0
Juice MIT